Learn from the best. Greg Raynard has been repairing guitars professionally since 1984. He is one of only a few skilled people in the world who is qualified to make instrument repairs and also knows his electronics. He does design work as well as repair work, and may be the only person teaching both guitar and tube amp repair.

Learn by doing. I teach the theory behind repairs at the repair bench. Bootcampers have full access to the shop, the repair bench, and what I know. After being shown how its done, it's your turn. and I'll be right there for you during and after your bootcamp experience.

Know what you can. The certificates page details what can be taught, tested, and certified. The certificates are awarded in duplicate: one framed, and one loose for your portfolio. Students are only charged for testing time if they are not Bootcampers.

Craftsmanship is taught here. I teach you how to take on jobs that you have never done, to approach them in such a way that guarantees fine quality results. While guitar builders seldom have repair skills, and many do not know how to set-up an instrument, there can be no shame. Many repairmen have never built a guitar. They often have conflicting ways of completing a task. This can be explained when you examine each ones level of understanding of craftsmanship. You don't know what you don't know. My craftsmanship approach is for everyone.
Just so you know, I have designed and built guitars on and off since 1975. I have also designed and built tube amplifiers since 1999. I do not teach building. I make my living at the repair bench, and that's what I teach.
Successful bootcampers today make their living doing repairs, running music stores, touring with national acts.
The Repair Bootcamp is a once in a lifetime opportunity for persons interested in learning the trades of guitar and tube amp repair. Why "Bootcamp"?

It's Bootcamp because between the long hours of instruction, hands-on tasks and homework, you may have no time of your own. You'll watch, ask questions, and soon be expected to perform guitar repairs. You will perform tasks at the computer. You'll see one of the hardest working repairmen in the world put down his work to chat with a customer. You will learn my way of doing business. My way of thinking. You will adopt my hard working lifestyle.

If you even think your motivated now! I have built-in incentives for you to push me even harder!

Veteran repair and hot-rodding guru, Greg Raynard, can show you all it takes to create, operate, and promote a successful repair shop. Long hours, customer education, careful listening, fairness, integrity, attention to detail, observation, and developing new techniques and tools are the things that made Cranky's the leader in customer satisfaction in the industry. My customers come first. With over 25 years in the field, there is not a single angry customer out there.

Programs have been created to jam up to 10 years of learning into one intensive hands-on experience. Study materials include books and videos, primarily private instruction and demonstration. Mountable certificates are awarded for several specific skills upon successful testing.

Businesses, parents, and bootcampers have all benefited from the Bootcamp. Enable-minded, self-motivated, knowledgeable, skilled folks come out of here. No better training can be hoped for.

Training and testing services are available to individuals and businesses
who seek the highest level of certification. All inquiries are welcome.

I can provide living quarters for one student at additional cost.
Students who are interested in learning tube amp service must be from outside this area.

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