Hot Rodding

Turn your guitar or amp into a high-performance machine! Tweaking the gear you already own is the most effective way to get the sound you want. Whether a Rolls Royce or a super-stocker, I know how to make it do what you want it to do, better.

That Tundra used to be the family pickup. What I can do for you!

Stringed Instrument Labor Rates

Here's a short glimpse. See the rates page for the full list.

  • Any Electric Guitar or Bass Setup; includes string changing, adjustments to Nut, Action, Neck, Intonation, and Pickups $60.00. Add for strings. Comes with a one full year FREE readjustment period with while you wait service! This is a great deal for when you are recording, have a fussy instrument, or when you want to discover the ideal string gauge and type. We can keep your ax in peak shape as you go. Do not fear that Floyd Rose!
  • Acoustic Guitar or Bass Setup; includes string changing, adjustments to Nut, Action, Neck, Intonation, and Pickups $80.00. Add for strings. Comes with a 1 year FREE readjustment period with while you wait service too!
  • Shop rate at the Stringed Instrument Bench is $100/Hour. No need to fear, almost every possible job is flat-rated, and the honest fees are available for you to examine ahead of time on the rates page (also posted on the workshop wall).

Electronic Labor Rates

Another quick gander bgawk!
See the
rates page for the full list.

  • Amplifier maintenance; clean and retension sockets, rebias, clean and lube controls $120.00. How do you know if you need maintenance? See the rates page and the about tubes page for the answers.
  • Tonal tweaking, gain mods; as individual as your tastes require. The typical mod is only $200. This will be the best money you ever spent!
  • Shop rate at the Electronic Bench is $120/Hour.
    Compare that to an automotive mechanic who is factory authorized. When you look at the knowledge, skill, and level of certification, and experience, our rates are a bargain. Note that we do work on equipment that is worth more than most cars are.
Consignment Sales of instruments, Amplifiers    
Jump to this new online service! Photographs and detailed listings updated irregularly!    
Custom Electric Guitars and Basses
We're just too busy to do any one-off designs any more, but if you are looking to build your own we can help, immensely. If you're thinking of building your dream instrument, we can assist you in several ways. We can aid you during assembly, consult you on how to do it, what woods and pickups to choose for your tone, show you the catalogs of necks and bodies, pickups, machine heads, pickguards, etc. Come and listen to our demo guitars for custom wiring options and ideas.

Building a guitar with your kid is a great way to spend time with them before they grow up too much. Dads; here's a chance to teach your kid some things only a father can. If you don't... who will?
BOOK: "Secrets of Guitar" by Gregory Raynard

This exciting book was written out of necessity. Discover the secrets of owning and caring for an acoustic or electric guitar or bass. This book contains vital information that really ought to be passed on to every string instrument purchaser at the point of sale. Illustrations detail everything from how strings are put on easily, to structural features, to pickup types.

This book is as useful for veteran players and collectors as it is for perspective first time buyers.

Everybody wants to know how to properly care for their investment; we bond to our guitars like girlfriends. As an added benefit, with this book you'll never have to be intimidated by a guitar salesperson again!

What started as a basic care book became an insightful encyclopedia of the Secrets of Guitar.

  • Anatomy
  • Terminology
  • Care Products
  • Strings
  • Finish Care
  • Fingerboard Care
  • Products to Improve Your Sound
  • Playing Style and How to Get Your Tone - Action, Strings
  • Identifying Common Problems
  • Humidity and Acoustics, Seasonal Changes
  • Storing a Guitar
  • How to Lube it without Wrecking it
  • Drag, Sweat and Satin
  • Talc v.s.. Baking Powder
  • Tuning Problems
  • What Not to do
  • When to Take it to a Tech


Click here if you would prefer to get the book in electronic format!

Guitar Clinics
Free clinics are held whenever possible to help acquaint people with their gear.
Drop a line if you'd like to attend.

Expertise. That's what you pay for when getting your gear set-up, or a difficult repair. It's what's in the mind that is of value, not always the hand skills. It's what make the hands truly skilled. So, when you ask us to walk away from our revenue bearing workbenches, paying us for that consultation time keeps the kids clothed and fed. Personally, I'd rather make my money blabbing on the phone than putting on strings for someone. But, for reasons mentioned above, we can't afford to do it without getting paid!

Feel free to test the waters and see if we know all we think we do. At some point, we'll make the decision to cut it off, or move to consultation time which is billed at the standard consultation rate of $100 per hour.

Cranky's also offers free registration of your equipment with serial numbers, along with your wish list and client preferences, into our confidential database. I do this because I care, and I want to serve you better.

Gift Certificates are also available, be sure to tell your loved ones.

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