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ITEM0001:SOLD Electric Solidbody Guitar. Used Epiphone Les Paul Special. Sunburst, 2 humbucker. This piece is guitar tech owned, and has had a loving fretmill. Plays and sounds great. This one has quality machine heads (tuners) and bridge. All original, no case $250.

These are consignments folks, so make an offer!














ITEM0002:SOLD Acoustic Guitar. This wallhanger appears to be a Stella. action is definitely high - you play slide? All original, (the strings too?) no case. This one is complete, so make an offer and lets see it go! Dont be shy!









ITEM0003:SOLD Acoustic Guitar.This wallhanger appears to be close to a Stella. You play slide? Theres no bridge, but if there was the action would be high.
All original, no case, unstrung but structurally fine. $50.
I want this guitar and I'm not afraid to make an offer!


 ITEM0004: Electric Hollowbody Guitar.

1962 Silvertone (by Kay). Natural finish, 3 single coil pickups, 3 volume and treble and bass controls, 4 position rotary switch. All original, missing pickguard.

This piece is a blues, jazz and rockabilly killing machine! Hand built before mass production of Silvertones'. Notice the somewhat unrefined body lines, the calling card of a handmade instrument. Plays and sounds great. This is a true hollowbody, not a semi-hollow (go ahead, just try find one for under a grand), Arched top is figured Maple. All original, pots date 1962. Binding job has to be seen; front and rear. No case. I've seen these sell for $850 in miserable shape. This is an awesome guitar that everyone who plays it falls in love with it.

Hear this one and fall in love. These old moderate-output single coil pickups never saturate when you dig in: they always have something more to give, and have a real feel all thier own. The distinctive sound is the real McCoy, and you'll stand apart from the crowd. Call ahead and I'll have it set-up for your style (low for jazz, high for blues) by the time you get here.

This one really plays! A well earned bit of finish wear is on the back of neck. Great shape for a 62'. $700

That 62 Silvertone is the Ax for me!





 ITEM0005: Electric Bass. SOLD

ITEM0006: Bass Cabinet. SOLD

Marshall. 4) 15" speakers, one is EV the 3 others are the original Celestions. This is a huge Marshall bass cab.

This is what you heavy guitar players are missing. SRV used one of these in the studio. Never mind the Dimebag thing; this cab PLUS a 4*12 cab will make your seeds drop so far you'll be stepping on them! Without a 4*12 you can crank up your Marshall through this cab and set the treble to 10, and the tone says "on your knees". This is an item you wont find too often, I'll be interested in purchasing another if anyone has one. Do you want punch? Do you want balanced TONE? Try it out.This box has seen some of the road. Solid, telling amounts of cosmetic wear. Buyer pays freight. Buy it.






ITEM0007: SOLD Tube amp. Fender Bassman 1968. Circuit AB763. At 50 watts all tube power it's still not much much for bass power. A long time favorite among guitar players. 1968 was the first year all models came with a silver control panel (face), and the only full year that has that aluminum trim around the edges of the cloth. This is the year before the CBS circuit mods, so you get a blackface sound at a silverface price. Lots of headroom. Great guitar amp or small bass amp. Small tear in cloth. Sounds tight and clear. All original, nice shape. I WANT IT!


ITEM0008: Electric Guitar. Custom made. Swiss Army 2. This guitar does almost everything. Rotary switch (middle knob) provides 6 hum-free voices; none of them stupid. 3 are Gibson type series sounds, 3 are Fender style parallel sounds. This Guitar gives a Tele tone, a Jaguar/Mustang, the fullest, roundest sounding Strat, a honkin Gibson Lead, the deepest clearest Jazz tone, plus another unique and desirable voice that does not translate to "like" anything I know of. Sounds full and detailed, powerful. This guitar stays in tune incredibly well, and has great sustain!

Appointments are: Custom Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl dot inlays on front and side of fretboard, Gotoh machine heads and 2-hole tremolo, custom peacock colorburst (beautiful, must actually see), Duncan Pickups, master volume, master tone, precisely cut bone nut, of course. Dunlop 6105 fretwire (wide, average height), Schaller strap locks, custom MOT pickguard allows tilt adjustment of pickups and easy access to electronics. Fretmilled, highly polished frets and fingerboard. This guitar is one of a kind.

All the PLAYERS fall in love with this guitar!

All original, used excellent condition. So who has the talent AND the money to make this prize theirs? Buy it and break some hearts. $3600.





ITEM0009: Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Custom made. This guitar does absolutely everything!

This stunning guitar has been seen by millions of people, but has never been played! The top is acrylic swirl that had been sitting around Fender since the 60's, and got scooped up by Warmoth. They laminated it to this body, and have featured this very body as their centerfold for years! It's in their website too under sparkle and flash. The neck has a matching overlay on the headstock.

Appointments are: Custom Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard and matching headstock overlay. Compound radius (conical shaped fingerboard is flatter at the upper notes to facilitate clean string bends at a lower action), no dot markers, wide nut. Alder body is finished in refrigerator white with acrylic swirl laminated top, forearm contour. All gold hardware. Gotoh locking height adjustable machine heads. Super smooth, high gear ratio, no bulky knob on the back. No tool required, locks and releases automatically Fishman 2-hole tremolo with acoustic pickup built in, optional Fishman Powerblend and Smartjack allows acoustic sound to be blended with the magnetic pickups or sent to separate amps. Imagine what would it be like to have an acoustic guitar amp over here, and an electric guitar amp over there - and be able to go from one to the other instantly! 2) Fender Noiseless pickups. These vintage tone monsters have 1/10th the hum of a humbucker, and all the vintage bell tone you could ever dream of, with all the percussiveness of a true single coil pickup! 1) Duncan custom shop Pickup (as warmer JB or deeper Custom Custom) with gold screws and cows, mounted to body. A Chandler ToneX, the most musical sounding variable center frequency bandpass filter ever (a wah wah that you set and forget). Try one out in a Joe Perry signature model Les Paul or just listen to Santana or Zappa! ToneX lets you dial in anything from a deep, clear jazz tone to a metal icepick and all those lovelies in between. Dunlop 6105 fretwire, Schaller strap locks. Lets not forget that the guitar will be outfitted with a pop-up battery door in the control cover. This guitar is as one of a kind as they get.

All original, NEVER been played. The buyer gets to decide where the controls go, what type of switch(s) are used, how it all works, etc. Notice that there are no holes in the body yet. None will be made until the buyer makes those decisions. You will receive the guitar completed, and setup as part of the deal.

This guitar has the finest of everything. Pristine condition. Best offer so far is now $4100, but its going to go for more than that! Get your offer in now. This guitar keeps getting more valuable! I might just have to keep this one...

See Hershel Yatovitz with one of the four ever made bodies here Chris Isaac Wicked Game


ITEM0010: SOLD AMP AND CAB: NO PHOTO. 100 Watt Marshall JCM900 and a Marshall 4x12 angled cab with cover. This item is not in the shop, but I am authorized to to sell it. My client has listed it in the paper, so I wont get a photo unless he fails to sell it there. In the meantime, I can tell you that It is in super condition, and has always been well maintained by my shop by its current owner (the amps owner). UPDATE! The reverb is repaired. The amp needs nothing but a new owner. If you want to see it, I'll get it over here. Asking price is $900 for the pair.


ITEM0011: SOLD AMP: COMBO: FENDER: EVIL TWIN: NO PHOTO: This item is not in the shop yet, but I am authorized to to sell it. In the meantime, I can tell you that It is in mint condition, and has always been well maintained by my shop by its current owner. This is the twin that has channel switching, and can give clean and dirty sounds at the same time! Owner bought a smaller amp. Asking price is $700.

ITEM0012: SOLD AMP:COMBO:DEAN MARKLEY:CD-60:PHOTO COMING: Tan. 60 Watts all tube. Full size Spring Reverb, Tremolo, including original footswitch. The amp is super clean inside and out. All the tubes are tested and the outputs tubes are correctly biased. The speaker is 12" and has a huge magnet, and is in perfect working condition. The amp has a wonderful creamy tone, the speaker is on the brite side. NOT THE RE-ISSUE: this is the real deal! Asking price is $675.

ITEM0013: SOLD GUITAR PART:Gibson Vibrola Tremolo Arm, a rare 1964 find. Chrome, excellent shape. Photo coming.

ITEM0014:SOLD PEDAL: Electro Harmonix LITTLE BIG MUFF PI: This is a killer sounding early TRANSISTOR version of the pedal predating later IC versions. 1973 pedal has only one control plus a tone switch. Condition is 100% functional, original, and appearance is average for its age.

ITEM0015:SOLD GUITAR PART:Fender Strat pickguard loaded with factory TexMex pickups! California series Made in USA. This is NOS, still has factory sticker on the protective plastic. Condition is almost perfect - just a nick on an edge hard to see. Was removed from a guitar when new in 1997.

ITEM0016: SOLD 1966 Gibson B-25 Acoustic Guitar. All original, exceptional condition. Fitted with a large bone saddle like James Taylor's and comes with the factory adjustable bridge. Massive projection and full-bodied tone. Offers over $1000 please. POS case included.

ITEM0017: SOLD 1994 Fender USA Strat. sweet blue burst, all there, barely played.

ITEM0018:EBAY GOLD RECORD. Framed GOLD RECORD "a via musicom" by Eric Johnson contains hit breakout guitar instrumental hit "Cliffs of Dover". Value is estimated at $450-600. This is a consignment shop item so just make an offer! $400!!!

ITEM0018:SOLD PLATINUM RECORD. Framed PLATINUM RECORD "QUEENSRYCHE" estimated value over $600. Get to it, never see this one again

ITEM0019: SOLD ROLAND Dr. Rythem Drum machine.

ITEM0020: SOLD 1967 Fender Super Reverb Amplifier. Good cosmetic condition, Awesome Tone!! Make it your own with an offer. Value estimated at $1900 Come and play it!!

ITEM0021: SOLD Marshall Reverb 75 solid state amp. Type used by Steve Vai. 1) 12" Celestion, reverb, missing the footswitch. Owner is offering this at $200 or

ITEM0022: SOLDMarshall Compressor footpedal. Like new condition with box. Offered at $60...

ITEM0023: SOLD EBAY 1971 Marshall Super Lead Tremolo. All Plexi Under the hood, Aluminum control panel first year. All pristine original electronics, beautiful minty condition. Has the added gain of a early 70's Marshall (better transformers), and the higher build quality of a Plexi-era Marshall Turret board type construction... not circuit board as from 73' on. All the Mullard Mustard caps are there. Some refer to these as a "poor mans plexi" which this is not. Rare tremolo circuit is still complete (one transistor that did not get yanked by the masses of ill-informed). Cooling fan added to side otherwise a "ten" Come and play it. Want to blow some speakers? Then bring your cab. As badass as an amp can get. Valued at $3950. Three years ago it booked at $8000. Properly cared for amp needs nothing.

ITEM0024: SOLD EBAY 1975 Fender Princeton.

SOLD EBAY 1973 HiWatt 100 Watt head.

Mesa Boogie Mark IV head with 5 buttom foot controller selling as-is. $800 Clean channel needs work to sound cleaner. Make an offer!

ITEM0027:SOLD Mesa Boogie 1*12 cabinet with 8 Ohm, 90 Watt Black Shadow. $200 Minty.

ITEM0027:SOLD EBAY 1956 Fender 3*10 Bandmaster RARE Famously owned, papered. $20,000.

ITEM0028:SOLD EBAY 1959 Fender Champ Amp. Famously owned, papered.

ITEM0029: EBAY 1960 Fender Champ Amp. Famously owned, papered. Make an offer!

ITEM0030: SOLD 2013 Ceriatone HiWatt 100 Watt head all Mullard Mustard caps, includes Hiwatt badge ready to mount. Finest turett construction and materials. Dead mint "10" $1500 .

ITEM0031: SOLD EBAY 1963-1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman George Harrison specification. Near to mint, rediculously great shape for a 50 year old! $9500.

ITEM0032: Five year old 65' Reissue FenderTwin Reverb, condition is flawless, perfect. sounds incredible! $800 Make an offer!

ITEM0033: 1975 Ibanez 12 string Acoustic guitar - spaghetti logo, "lawsuit" headstock, Gibson Hummingbird EXACT knockoff. Sunburst. Plays better than any other 12 string! Good shape, case. Extra wide bone saddle and perfect intonation on every string. Plays and sounds amazing. Hard case. s/n 750207 $600 Make an offer!

ITEM0034: 1990's Samick Les Paul copy. Amber Burst. Dimarzio creme/creme Super 3 in the bridge, matching Super 2 in the neck position. Chandler TONE-X!!! Any Santana fans out there? You have to hear this guitar! Set-neck, very good shape. No case. Only $500 Make an offer!

ITEM0035: 20XX (very recent) Godin A6 ULTRA acoustic electric, black. Sounds great. Excellent shape. Factory soft case. $500 s/n 12396151 $500 Make him an offer!

ITEM0036: 1965 Fender VIBROLUX Sounds great. 1 Jensen, and 1 Sica bass driver. Very Good condition, all checked out by Cranky's. Amp cover. S/n A03293 $3500 Make an offer!

ITEM0037: 197x Fender VIBROCHAMP Cranky's modified "Geraldine" modified for Harmonica (reverseable). Sounds great. Very Good condition, all checked out by Cranky's. Amp cover. One of two $1350 Make an offer!

ITEM0038: 197x Fender VIBROCHAMP Cranky's modified "Geraldine" modified for Harmonica (reverseable). Sounds great. Very Good condition, all checked out by Cranky's. Amp cover. Two of two, so you can bring 2 amps or stand in between them!! $1350 Make an offer!

ITEM0039: 196x Premier REVERB unit. Stand alone tube and spring reverb with factory footswitch. LONG tail reverb cannot be matched. Very Good condition, rebuilt by Cranky's. S/n 100282 only $350! Make an offer!


More consignments daily! Stop in!!

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