Cranky's Mobile Guitar Support represents the seller of each consignment item. All reasonable offers are presented to the owner. Cranky's Mobile Guitar Support is not responsible for misrepresentations or errors in the listings, and make no claims as to any items authenticity, value, or condition. Items are listed as they are represented by the seller. Any sellers who have been found to be deceptive will not be allowed to consign any any items in the future. Cranky's Mobile Guitar Support collects only a 10% commission for consignment sales, paid by the seller. Other consignment shops usually charge 30%. All consignment sales are final. NO credit cards are accepted unless through paypal. Checks are not accepted. Cranky's Mobile Guitar Support does not warranty any consignment items before or after the sale. Any item put up for consignment needing repair will not be repaired unless the repair is pre-paid. No items will be shipped until funds have cleared.

The eBay listing service is a flat rate seperate and additional fee of $50 paid in advance in most cases. When the seller opts for eBay representation there is a 45 day waiting period before funds are released by the Cranky's to the seller, and in some cases 60 days depending on the items listed condition. The seller pays all eBay fees and PayPal fees. The seller MUST pay the shipping and insurance charges in order for Cranky's to list the item without exception. While eBay is useful for getting the highest possible price worldwide, the fees when its all said and done end up about 40% of the selling price, so the items that are worth trying to get more than the local economy would allow would have to be over $1000 to make it worth the sellers while.

Consignment items can be taken back at any time provided the item does not have an eBay buyer.



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