About Harp Amp Service and Repair

One-off modifications so that your sound becomes what you want, not an off-the-shelf sound.
Personalized amp modifications start at $120, parts included.

Harmonica is spoken here. If you want your volume control to live where the tone is, you need to come see me. All the buzz about lower gain tubes is a half step. To start with, you need the tubes with the killer tone - that means going back to 12AX7's where there are tonal choices. Thats a mad good start. Then we have to go in your amp and set the gain structure up to make the amp a harp amp. No chicken shit cookie cutter crap. Your amp, exactly the way you want it. Tone controls that are useable for harp. I know what to do. I will blow your mind. And yes, if you have a boutique tube amp you are still only half way there. Bring it in and I will work it so your hair stands up. Bring a harp and a mic too. Make your guitar player envy your tone!

I have modified Harp Gear amps. My mods make the value of the amps go up, not down. In fact, in the case of the HG50, it went from 1200 to 1950 + Shipping and Export duties.

I can dial in Jerry McCain "Steady" tone, or ANY OTHER.

Cranky's offers amp service and repair for Fender, Harp Gear, Oahu, Ampeg, Marshall, Hiwatt, Mesa Boogie, Guild, Traynor, Vox, Gibson, Orange, Park, Danelectro, Westinghouse, Silvertone, Narb, White, Groove Tube, Gibson, Guild, Epiphone, Crate, Bell, Yamaha, Bugera, Rivera, Diezel, Black Star, Peavey,
Masco, Sonny Jr., Premier, Kay, and many other vacuum tube amplifiers as well as tube Stereo High-Fidelity.

I repair and modify tube amplifiers and stringed instruments.

Fender amp specialist.

Tone and distortion guru.

Come in and play one of several harp amps.

If you are having an amp bias adjusted, then the amp is usually ready the next day! Most retube jobs get done in 1 to 2 days. For repair work the turn time is normally measured in weeks. Rush amplifier repair service is billed accordingly. Pricing info is available on our rate page as well as helpful sidebar information on maintenance schedules and common failure modes. There is new FREE useful information you want to know.

Also check out our FREE information page about tubes that's sure to remain the definitive work on the subject! You will be better off for it!

Give a call toll-free at 1-800-FIX-ME-UP. Expert repairs, personal service.

You speak with the technician directly.
In business since 1980.
Open to the public, 12 to 8 Monday through Friday. Pickup times are usually by appointment.

e-mail is answered eventually, maybe you'll be the lucky one.

The Guitar and Amp Technician Mentorship Program provides training and certifications. I have an extremely high success rate for my Mentees. I teach motivation, ethics, business skills, and craftsmanship as well as guitar repairs and amp repairs. Get going! Find out about this great opportunity now..

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