VIP Services

VIP Service is a practical solution where your situation often leaves you with little time for repairs and improvements. There are two VIP service levels, both of them are alternatives to the PREMIUM service - which is rush service at double the normal labor rate. Since you may have little time for getting your gear ready before you need it again, the VIP services provide a cost effective alternative, in the form of a yearly membership due. Memberships can be used for repairs, maintenance, and modifications. You pay only the normal labor rate and parts while receiving VIP priority level service.

Gold VIP Membership gives you access to my cell phone 24/7, you never need appointments, you always get put to the front of the line, you get while-you-wait service if you want it; without interruptions from phone calls or walk-ins (private, locked door service). If needed, credit can be extended on a net 15 basis. Credit is limited to the price of the membership. Membership is not a prepaid debit type of service but instead a way to get the highest level of service possible. Service can be provided for guitar, bass, and tube amplifiers as noted (can you service my amp?). The Top-Level VIP service can be be extended to gear owned by band members and friends with your consent, within the Service Limits.

Silver VIP Membership entitles you to my cell phone, drop-off only service (no appointments needed, no waiting services), and strait to the front of the line service with the exception of Gold Level VIPs. Credit can be extended, as above, extension of benefits to band members cannot.

VIP's are not limited in the number of repairs, and are exempt from labor premiums, you pay only the normal repair cost. The VIP memberships are annual, and can be paid by cash, check, paypal, or credit/debit cards via paypal service.

Service Limit is a generous maximum billable hours limit for which the VIP services can be used in a year. This keeps me from going broke, and gives you a great service at a great rate!

Cranky's fee structures are as follows:
Guitar repair services are provided at $100 hour and has a $20 minimum per work piece.
Electronic repairs are provided at $120 per hour, and has a $60 minimum per work piece.
PREMIUM rush service doubles the labor rate part of the service.


VIP Gold Membership is $1000 annually. The Service Limit is 15 labor hours. The break-even point is 4.15 to 5 hours at the PREMIUM rate.

VIP Platinum Membership is $2000 annually. Service Limit is 30 labor hours. The break-even point is 8.3 to 10 hours at the PREMIUM rate.


Do I need VIP Service? Maybe not, normal turn around times for maintenance items like amplifier re-tubing and guitar set-ups is one week. Figure 8 calender days. If you repairs then my shop, and any other worth it's salt is going to have several weeks for a repair cycle. In summer months repair times can extend into months for most shops. VIP level service gives you access to me at all times, without worry about if I can get it done in time, and if the costs are going to skyrocket to get it done within your time frame. I have several customers who would save a lot of money and get to a lot more of the work that needs to be done if they were members.

I would advise that if you have a large repair bill and still have more items that need attention to consider membership.

Contact Greg Raynard toll free 1-800-FIX-ME-UP (1-800-349-6387). E-mail for the time being is a poor way to reach me.

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