Tube Tasting Service !!!

I have been for over fifteen years letting my customers listen test my preamp tubes. Unfortunately, that service is not always offered, as I don't always have the time. Even so I try. In order to keep up this highly personal and valuable service, I am now charging for the service.

WHAT IT IS: I keep an inventory of 7 preamp tubes that sound very different from each other. I systematically change one tube at a time, you play, and we gauge how well you like each one. After the initial tube selection, the next tube down the signal chain is substituted as a refinement to the sound of the first. Depending on the number of tubes and channels and how the amp utilizes preamp tubes, the process may be further repeated.

THE EFFECT is dramatic. Even if you have listen tested tubes previously, you will benefit from a listening test. You may find yourself excited about tubes that you previously thought were something you would never use. I have the best screening process in the business. My tubes are actually not only good but excellent, yours haven't been properly tested*. You will be taste-testing the very tubes for you to take home.

Lets make noise.

*yours haven't been properly tested - I am very serious about this. I am not trying to piss on your tubes. I know you believe the tubes that you bought at the big box retailer, or the name brand, or the web site - you believe the tubes to be good. I will take that bet, and you can test them yourself for free right here! The odds of all your tubes being ones that you would want to keep are slim to none. Sorry, but your tubes suck. You don't know it yet but you need one or two tubes - you might as well get the ones that will make your amp sound better than ever.

This is a great way to have fun! This is a very specialized service that is one-on-one.

THE COST of the service is $200 and includes two 12AX7A tubes as seen on

I would be happy to make an appointment for you if you prefer that to a walk-in.
Call 1-800-FIX-ME-UP (1-800-349-6387).


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