Talent Search !!!


15 to 20 second demonstrations needed.

Guitarist, bassist, and harmonicist needed to demonstrate their craft, separately and independently.

I am looking for high quality audio submissions (.aiff) from talented individuals who can demonstrate a variety of techniques that showcase their instruments ability to cover a range of volume levels as well as varying degrees of attack.

The recording must be be direct box output, no amplifier, speaker, or emulation. The submissions will be re-recorded through high end tube gear here, for final production.

Please be as musically diverse as you are comfortable with. It's what I am looking for. I need you to cover a lot of ground in a very small time frame, and make it interesting enough for people to want to hear it again, and again.

If it's going to keep you awake nights then by all means send me a wet track. As long as dynamic range is not suffering then it will be considered. If a distortion pedal is to be used it's use should be limited and possibly should be limited to a clean boost for reasons mentioned. But absolutely no amp, speaker or amp/speaker emulation!!!

Send your contact information along with your recording, and please - an equipment used list! Include the name of the direct box.

By submitting your recording you authorize me, Gregory Raynard, to freely use of the material in promotions including but not limited to web sites, in exchange for publicity which will include website biography space (subject to approval), links (subject to approval - no porn) for artists web sites, etc., and acknowledgement. I agree and here is my offering.

Dynamic Range is your ability to express yourself in a terms of volume: from whisper quiet (the floor) to full on loud (the ceiling). For geeks its expressed in decibels, for artists its feeling.

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