Tube amp and Guitar Repair since 1984


Make what you already own sound and play better. I help you to get your sound.

In addition to amp repair work, I have the highest quality tubes and will take care of your amp's maintenance needs. I do custom modifications and can assist you in dialing in the sound you're looking for. Amp maintenance for Marshall, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Vox, Crate, Peavey, Hiwatt, Traynor, Oahu and all the newcomers too. TUBE HI-FI SERVICE : Experience with McIntosh, HH Scott, EH Scott, Fisher and more.

Guitar repair, basses, banjo, cello, mandolin, violin, viola, anything with strings but piano! My fret mills and re-frets are the worlds best! I do set-up, pickup replacement, broken headstocks, body cracks, bridge, saddle and nut replacement. Soundboard straightening. Minor finish work. Custom wiring. Floyd Rose replacement parts and upgrades. Body routing. SEE PRICE LIST: proudly I published the guitar repair price back to 1997. Competitors base their pricing on mine. NOW LOWER PRICES!

I have been teaching guitar and tube amp repair in the shop since 1997. The mentorship program is the first of its kind and remains unique. I provide CERTIFICATION for acquired skills, hands-on training and total immersion learning. TUBE AMP mentorship teaches what cannot be found at technical institutes. INQUIRIES...

I have owned and operated the repair shop since 1984. Established the repair department at Parker Guitars, responsible for the set-up and final inspection of every instrument. Experience hand crafting acoustic and electric guitars and basses from scratch. Consider my knowledge of vacuum tubes, pickups and guitar wiring and to be at the top in the field. I have paid my dues. Over the years I have provided Factory Authorized Warranty repairs in my shop for Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Taylor, Guild, Gretch, Ovation, Orange, Epiphone, Zon and others. I have been behind the scenes providing repair services to music retailers of all sizes in the area for many years.The bass several shops could not fix  - Cranky's does the best fretwork.

60 SECONDS FROM 95 AND 495 at 375 West St, Mansfield MA 02048
Cranky's is located next to, NOT IN, the plaza with Shaw's, Home Depot and Staples, at the intersection of Rt.140 and West St.
Telephone toll free 800-FIX-ME-UP don't call just come.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE GUITARREPAIR.COM REPAIR SKILLS GROUP LET ME KNOW. Currently organizing an international network of repair persons.

NEW HOURS: Walk in - drop off hours are Monday through Friday 12-8, Saturday and Sunday CLOSED.

[Services] Explains a bit of what I do along with some prices.

[How much do I charge?] Most of what we offer is priced here - visit our rate page, it contains FREE information you really ought to know.

[Can you service my amp?] Yes. But...Where do you bring your custom shop guitar when the factory cannot fix it? HERE!

[Online Consignment Shop] Come in and see whats new this week. Best rate and best gear.

[Public Transportation and Directions] How to get here.

[About Tubes] Great FREE info. Practical, written for everyone.

[12AX7A] This is the website to buy the best tubes from.

[Harp amp] Harp players have a specialist too.

[Links] This is a lot of stuff. Shop Amazon here, check out the guitar and amp books! Band links. Website links.

[Mentor] Learn how to do these trades.

[Mentor Cost] If money was never a concern, the mentorship program would be free!

[Donate!] No whining, there is no other place to spend your money on this website!

This is what you used to see as you pull in the driveway. You are in the right place! Horses and fence are gone.ABOUT THE SHOP: It's a one man outfit. The shop is at ground level, and you can get within 6 feet of the door with your vehicle for loading and unloading (then park in the driveway). The shop is small, 850 s.f. and I live upstairs. It's all about personal service here. I learn what your needs are by listening, and offer solutions if I have them. "There is no place like this." There is a room-size customer area with all kinds of fun stuff to play with. Vintage tube amps, pedals, demonstrator guitars, and NO SALESMEN. This is not a place to bring your kids. If you bring them have someone sit with them outside. I raised my own kids right in the shop, so take my word. Play guitar, bring a friend, ask questions. Bring your tube stash - there is a free to use tube tester in the customer area. Bring your glasses so you can read the instructions. The entire rest of the shop is visable from the customer area! The business area has the retail have-to-have stuff. Strings, switches, controls, knobs, machine heads, necks, bodies, bridges, amp straps, handles, removable casters, cables, pickups and so on.

I am taking in guitar repairs whenever possible! Currently accepting fret work, pickup replacements, set-ups, electrical repairs and mods, no major finish work. For amp work, I want to work on your Fender tube amps, and will retube anything. If you are having reliability problems with your older Marshall, JCM 800, I do some "road ready" mods, give me a call.Custom Flame Maple over Ash, very nice custom electronic set up. J/MM/J. Purpose built for a very happy customer. Guitar work must wait in the same line as amp work. Premium expedited service is always available.

KGC MEGA MASS!!!NEW: The decision has been made, there can be no competition for the quality products, knowledge, and customer service at KGC. Killer Guitar Components is a family business making the very highest quality sustain blocks and tremolo arms possible. The other guys suck. Happy to have them represented here. Check them out, then make your purchase here for a discount! I recommend the mega-mass block for incredible tone and sustain level.

NEW: Incredible effort has been put into the 12AX7A.COM venture and I want you all to check it out, please. Those of you who have come in and listened to the sample preamp tubes in your amp know what a powerful and rewarding service I provide. Now you can see how to personalize your sound at home without a technician. This new web site shows you how. There is a lot of FREE information there.
Thank you for your tremendous response!
Tube tasting - listening - service.

NEW: We welcome TV Jones to the pickup lineup! TV Jones is the real deal for Filtertron', Magnetron', Hi-Lo Tron, Powertron reproduction pickups. Mr Jones has the honor of being Brian Setzers' guitar tech, and Brian scrutinizes the authenticity of these pickup designs! If you want that Gretsch sound in a guitar you already own then I can help. There are many mounting solutions available. Be sure to check out his website, and then place your order here and get a discount!

This web site is in its sixteenth year. Poke around, have fun and get inspired. Hit all the links.
TV Jones is the real deal! POWERTRONDiscounts on pickups are standard at Cranky's.

Guitar and Amp Repair. Service for Fender, Taylor, Gibson, Ovation, Guild, Epiphone, and others. I repair and modify tube amplifiers and stringed instruments. Expert repairs, personal service. See FREE helpful information below. Cranky's is your last stop on the road to tonal perfection and reliability.

The local service area is from Boston to Providence to Worcester and all points in between. The shop is centrally located in Mansfield, Massachusetts . I do accept amps and guitars via shipment for repairs and maintenance. I have customers in several countries, and 34 years of experience. My customers are willing to drive unbelievable distances to get this level of service. Some of my loyal customers drive from as far away as Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Worcester loves metal, metal loves distortion, distortion is spoken here!

Custom solid 1 piece Flame Maple Strat style ON THE ROAD EMERGENCIES CAN ALSO BE HANDLED. See the new updated map.

I have the expertise to keep your gear working, and out of the shop! I cannot warranty my work when using someone elses tubes. Everything I need is right here so just bring the amplifier.

"I've seen these guys a bunch of times and they've never sounded this good, I don't know what you did." - fan at Boston's Rock and Roll Rumble. Billy and I went to their rehearsal space and went through every piece of gear. They needed tube amp maintenance, tubes and guitar setups. The next night they placed in the finals with a great sounding, high energy performance. Go figure!

Guitar and Amp Repair in Space!!I am able to take on almost any guitar or amp emergency on the road. I can effect repairs at your home, dorm room, hotel, rehearsal space, gig, studio, on your plane, shuttle, lander, wherever! While most repairs can be performed out in the field MOOOO, the more extensive repairs are brought to the shop, and that's fun. Lots of folks (virtually 14.28 zillion) prefer to come to the shop. I have been servicing all the major musical instrument retailers in the area, but I want you to come too!

Directions are available, as well as a downloadable maps.

One of the great things about having a web page is that we get a chance to tell our customers the scope of what we do. When we are face to face, there isn't always time to get beyond the task at hand and talk about important but less pressing needs. We are so much more than a place to get guitars and amps fixed. Here at our web page you can explore the comprehensive services available, at your leisure. Please call and ask questions, you will get answers even if I am pressed for time.Just leave your name and repeat your phone number!

One of the best ways to find out what we basically do is to go to the rates page. There you will find a long list of common repairs and custom work, along with pricing and informative comments. Its worth a

P-90 tone for the Strat. Duncan stra-bro.Duncan 3by3 offset pickups.Staple P-90 Pickup Afraid to upgrade?
Do you want to know how to make a sensible choice in a pickup? I know the secret to choosing a pickup and that you will be happy with. I can backup what I have to say with Seymour Duncan pickups! If you want to know more about pickups, and expand your listening capabilities, all we ask in return is that you buy your pickups here. Our prices are right where they should be! 25% off list price for Bartolini, DiMarzio, EMG, Fender, TV Jones and others as well as Seymour Duncan pickups. While Duncan and DiMarzio both offer 21 day exchanges, your best course of action is invest in yourself; take the time to learn from me. Then you can make your own pickup choices and get it right the first time. Gibson pickups are available as well.
Call toll free right now and ask me how to choose a pickup! 1-800-FIX-ME-UP
Discount pricing, 20 models in-stock.

How about custom wiring for your guitar? You can hear most mods at the shop on one of our several demonstration guitars before you decide. We make it fun with choices you never knew you had. Like push-pull switches that are part of the control (pot), or push-push pots for fast and easy tap on / tap off action, or a Fender custom shop 4 position switch for your Tele to add a new powerful solo voice? The list is huge, so ask questions. Personalize a knife switch do to anything you can think of? What about my Jimmy Page tribute guitar wiring?

I make a lot of custom footpedal solutions for people. I am passionate about making no compromises on the component quality. I make the best A/B switches out there, for starters. They are tough enough to be used in-reverse so you can A/B two tube heads through a single speaker cab! That aspect of my business is quite involved and so the offerings will be posted one day real soon on There has been a foreign invasion of noisey switching power supplies that are unusable for audio applications like powering a pedal or pedalboard. I really feel bad that as pedals are having their heyday that you can't get a decent power supply. My advice for the meantime is "use batteries".

Come and try out a demo guitar on a 1964 Bassman, 1965? MY 1975 modified Bassman? 1964 Bandmaster? 1975 Champ, 1959 Champ, 1960 Champ, 65' Twin reverb reissue? The VOX AC100 top boost super reverb twin will be up and running soon.

There is no crowd of noisemakers here. You can play guitars, amps, tubes, pedals and pedal mods, in an environment you can hear yourself.

Is your amp not exactly what you want it to be?

My personal one-off amp mods earn high praise.
One mod that all you touring bands need to know about is the "Road-Ready" mod for most Marshalls'. You can tell me what could be better about your amps sound, and I can work miracles on it! Why settle for an off-the-shelve sound? Your first step will be to come in and test drive some tubes! It's fun. "I had no idea pre-amp tubes made such a huge difference" - your mouth in the future. "WOW!"

Get what you want. "YES" ANSWERS ARE AVAILABLE HERE. Cranky's is unique because my can do attitude matches my abilities. Everyone gets star treatment. NEVER name dropping.

Fender has the best service in the business!We are a Fender parts and accessories dealer in addition to being a factory authorized service center, so keep us in mind when you need original Fender parts - no hassles. Discover cool stuff like Fender vintage noiseless pickups.

I must have had the largest string selection in Massachusetts. Why? I need them in the course of performing repairs, and offering the strings people like to play is important. When you asked for it, I stocked it. Ask me for box pricing on your favorite strings and save big bucks. Don't ask - oh well, we really are a repair shop after all. I won't pressure you into anything, just provide you with choices. Update: I am gettting rid of all those crappy strings you all asked me get, and getting down to just the strings I would recommend! I will still save you $$ on special order box quantities for whatever strings you want.


If you are having a guitar setup, or an amp bias checked and adjusted, then the answer is usually one week. Most retube jobs also get done in one week.

For repair work our turn time is normally measured in weeks, and varies. That's no fish story! Other shops run in months, although they may tell you otherwise. Get references if you haven't been referred. To be fair, shops with long repair cycles may be well worth the wait! Don't go back to a repair shop that lies.

I offer emergency service for ultra fast turn around times. This premium service is available in the shop as well as out in the field. Normal priority in-shop repairs get completed in industry standard time frames, and I get it done right. Premium service is billed accordingly. VIP membership is available for those always in a rush.

Check out our FREE super-informative page that has remained the definitive work on the subject: About Tubes! The reader response has been incredible!

Give a call 1-800-FIX-ME-UP. If you get the machine then slow down, speak your name and number, and repeat it. I will return your call as soon I can. I take up to 60 calls a day, so keep that message brief! If I am with a customer I may not be able to answer the phone, so leave a name and number...

Email is NOT the best way to get me, but click on the shiny logo if you really feel lucky...All email is answered eventually.

The Guitar and Amp Technician MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is for individuals and companies seeking training and certifications. I have an extremely high success rate for my protégé's and protégée's. I teach motivation, ethics, business skills, and craftsmanship as well as guitar and tube amplifier repairs. Find out about this great opportunity


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